• Greece
  • Our Big Fat Greek Adventure!!

    Our first initial thoughts when we hit Greece was “YAY SUN!” then “are there road rules??” and sadly “look at all the rubbish”. Fortunately our first impression was improved upon as we moved away from Patras and out in the “fingers”. I have been following an instagram account for a while now called @endless_on_wheels and […]

  • Austria
  • Christmas and New Year

    For Christmas we booked an Airbnb in Salzburg for 4 nights, expecting a lovely white Christmas. Fail. It was cold. But zero snow. My cousin Bridget stayed with us and was a great help with the boys and food. Speaking of food we didn’t realise that all the shops close in Austria at 1pm on […]

  • Germany
  • Glüwein Pilgrimage

    Our ferry back to Europe left from Harwich and we touched down on the 11 December in the Netherlands. Our main purpose for coming back was to get our boiler fixed, get winter tyres and just a general service. Wietze at Happy Campers is amazing and did all this while we camped in his driveway. […]

  • Italy
  • Please excuse the excuses.

     What a month. I am writing this in real time for the first time in ages. Blogging has been a lot harder than I expected with trying to juggle the travel, the boys, and my own tiredness. We are driving to Florence right now which means I still have the rest of the Uk, Germany, […]

  • Wales
  • Wales

     Even though our trip is exactly 9 months we are having to be careful on what we choose to do and what not to. It may seem like a long time but with the ground we need to cover it can be really hard to prioritize what we want to see. Our thoughts on Wales […]