• Norway
  • Back on Track

     Thanks everyone for their supportive comments after my last couple of posts xx Legends. Sometimes it’s hard to see the bigger picture and I just need a high five or two. I am loosing track of my days! Not helping is the fact that I write blog posts in real time while we are driving […]

  • Norway
  • Norway: nor-wifi

    Ok last night I had a moment. This morning I have questioned whether to post or not but I’m still going to. Just posting a highlight reel isn’t an accurate representation of life on the road with Beryl. So far we are LOVING Norway. It is our favourite country so far. I’m not getting as […]

  • Norway
  • Struggle Street

    It’s our second night in Norway, our 10th night in total and I’m officially home sick. We are parked in the worst campsite yet and they made us pay on arrival so when we realized it was awful we couldn’t just leave. It’s a mud patch with noisy backpackers everywhere and wifi is terrible. I […]

  • Denmark
  • Legoland

    On day 6 we decided to make a whole day about Angus and took him to Legoland at Billund. The night before we even stayed in the holiday village for the full experience (which ended up being costly because I was so excited about Legoland I rushed through the shower and left all my Ella […]

  • Denmark
  • Ribe

    After another night in Germany we left and headed for Denmark. The difference between Germany and Denmark was immediately obvious. Firstly there was no people. None. We went through 3 villages and they were so quiet it was eerie. I wouldn’t have been surprised if zombies started to follow Beryl like we were in a […]

  • Germany
  • Ausfahrt!!

    This has made us laugh a little more than it should… After a full morning in the Netherlands we thought the boys would sleep all afternoon to allow us to drive to Northen Germany. But for some reason both were unsettled and cranky which forced us to alter our plans after an hour. I found […]

  • Planning
  • Our Final Goodbyes!

    We are 1 day away from our flight and it is starting to feel real. I have said goodbye to some wonderful and beautiful friends who I am going to miss dearly. Our phones have been ringing off the hook with all the love being thrown ort way! It is definitely bitter sweet. To be […]