Even though our trip is exactly 9 months we are having to be careful on what we choose to do and what not to. It may seem like a long time but with the ground we need to cover it can be really hard to prioritize what we want to see. Our thoughts on Wales was that it is just farming land so let’s use is as a thoroughfare to get back to England.

Um HALLO!!! As one gentleman put it, Wales is the UK’s best kept secret. It was gorgeous! Not very tolerant of motorhomes but gorgeous all the same.

Wild Camping at Hell’s Mouth

Remembrance Day at Caernarfon Castle

We had one incident as well where we were trying to get to a wild camping spot we saw online for motorhomes yet the road to get to it was a 45 deg angle and covered in leaves and mud. We got stuck at one point where the wheels were turning but we were going nowhere so Jeremy backed Beryl up and got a run up. With cheers and woops we got over the lip and thought we were home and hosed. Unntil we got further up and the incline increased further and there was a hairpin turn. The car coming in the opposite direction stopped and the driver basically begged us not to go up because there were 3 more hair pin turns after that one and it got steeper still. So our only option was for Jeremy to reverse almost the whole way down with mud and leaves on one side of the road and a steep drop on the other. And of course, being that we have children he had to do it with Archie screaming for a cuddle and Angus crying for the iPad (dead battery). We never ignore our children’s cries. This time though, they had to suck it up because the alternative was us somersaulting down the embankment and the gas tank exploding at the bottom. I have a feeling our mother’s would be quite cross with us if that happened…. But Jeremy came through and even though it was incredibly stressful we were able to laugh about it that night (after a bottle of wine…!)

Our last stop in Wales was Cardiff which was another great location because the caravan park was built on the old palace grounds so it was very central. We were able to put the boys in the trailer and the centre of town was a 5-10 min bike ride.

You know you take too many photos of your husband when you tell him to stop so you can take a pic and he rides around in the frame. NOT OF YOU!
That’s better.
Like a glove.
Cardiff Castle

It had the first Christmas market we stumbled across too!

The ride through the park each morning was lovely and there were squirrels everywhere.

It was very wet though and an older gentleman we met said “the rains” were on their way in a day or two. So I’m not sure what they consider “the rains” but as it was wet the whole time we were there already we decided to push on to Bath. We didn’t feel like getting bogged again!


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