Hanging with the Romans and eating Cornish Pasty’s

We arrived in Bath on a drizzly grey day and found a campsite next to the river. It boasted a footpath from there into town that was an easy 15min walk. We threw the boys in the bike trailer and attached it to Jeremy’s bike and spent the next half an hour navigating a narrow mud path through forest and at the back of houses into town. Not what we were expecting but it worked.

We also had a lovely little old lady tell us what poor examples of parents we are because Jeremy and I weren’t wearing bike helmets. I felt like telling her it doesn’t matter regardless if the boys see us do that because unlike HER country where it is legal, it is illegal in OUR country not to wear them, so who is the poor example really? But I didn’t. I just did the mature thing of sticking my tongue out at her when she wasn’t looking.

We were able to leave the bikes and just take the bike trailer for a stroll through town.

Due to the long slog to get into town we decided to do the Roman Baths then and there. We weren’t allowed to take the trailer in but they did give us baby carriers for the boys because we forgot ours. Boy were they sexy…

At the end of the tour we were able to taste the natural springs. Surprisingly Angus did it without a moments hesitation!

This from the boy who won’t eat ANYTHING…. Unless we call it ‘chicken’ and then it’s delicious. The eggy sulphuric smell put Jeremy off entirely but I tried it; Hot, eggy, and metal! That’s how I like my water…..!

After Bath we headed south and stayed at St Ives. Lovely little fishing town with lots of character and interesting characters.

Typical South Aussie drooling over pasty’s

We stayed at the caravan park and had a gorgeous view.

On the second day we attempted to walk into town on the ‘coastal path’ but after a few hundred meters realized that was a loose interpretation and was just a muddy narrow trail. We abandoned that idea and went the regular way that wouldn’t ruin my shoes #priorities

Jeremy honing his ‘ignore the wife’ skills while I went ape about my shoes…! Hey man, they’re Toms!!!

We went to the local pub for traditional roast lunch on Sunday. Very British! And the best I’ve had. Luckily Archie was there to keep me company…

My 7 month old drinking buddy!

…because sport was on tv behind me.

No DNA test required…

We continued on our journey south through Cornwall to Land’s End stopping for a Cornish Pasty on the way, from the OLDEST Cornish Pasty maker in the world!

We passed a genuine British hunting party! While I can appreciate that these are not the same as our beagles in Oz it makes me break into a cold sweat at this pack of devil spawn.

I’m not sure if this meant they were the ones who invented the Cornish pasty or if they simply won’t let their baker retire ? I was too hungry to ask. Normally I hate pasty’s. I won’t eat them at home. But since it was all they had I got one and IT WAS AMAZING! Trust Australia to butcher it. If they tasted like that at home I’d be all over it. Jeremy was in heaven. Pasty’s are his favorite! Apparently a South Aussie delicacy!

Land’s End

Land’s End was windy and freezing. So bad that my phone cracked it and decided to retire for the day. Something we never realized while living in Oz is that it is possible for your iPhone to be too cold! It just stops! At 50% battery!! And it won’t switch back on until it is safely nestled inside and plugged into a charger. Diva.

We persisted with the cold and blustery weather for another 2 nights in Torquey but decided we had had enough. Jeremy has family in Birmingham so we abandoned the south coast and headed inland. And we are very glad we did. We had never met Jeremy’s great aunt and great uncle before but we were welcomed with loving arms into their warm home. Family rocks!


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