Please excuse the excuses.

 What a month. I am writing this in real time for the first time in ages. Blogging has been a lot harder than I expected with trying to juggle the travel, the boys, and my own tiredness. We are driving to Florence right now which means I still have the rest of the Uk, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Prague, and the top of Italy to catch up on. Gah!!! I think I have succumbed to the fact I can’t write in as much detail as I thought I could. I’m running on about 3-4 hours sleep a night thanks to my adorable second born who appears to be allergic to sleep. Except in the mornings! When Angus wakes at 7am Archie is quite happy to snooze until 11am. Operation Hardass Mummy is starting once we are all feeling better. Speaking of feeling better we have all been knocked out with an awful cold/cough virus that has caused Archie to projectile vomit all feeds due to phlegm and his increased gag reflex. It’s also caused Jeremy some really bad headaches which lead him to think he was dying on several occasions but fortunately he lives to see another day.

This month itself has pretty much been a write off. The day after my blog post about Wales we had sad news from home and then it just kept coming. Both sides of the family were having issues and it made us more homesick than ever. There were several occasions we seriously considered tossing this all in and coming home but fortunately the mood didn’t hit both of us at the same time so we were able to talk each other down. Thankfully we have done this at the time of year we did because if we only had cold weather to look forward to we may have crumbled. Spain and Portugal in April and May is our warm light at the end of the tunnel that is keeping us going. While the cold and snow has been a nice change from what we are used to we have definitely had enough and are in serious need of some vitamin D.

So we are heading south now! The days are getting longer and while still not warm, it is not freezing. The Mediterranean sun awaits!!
The original plan was to go from Venice to Slovenia and onto Croatia when our visa days ran out. However the news reports at least a metre of roadside snow in Slovenia. So sadly we have decided to change our route. We had a few near misses with icy roads in Switzerland and aren’t prepared to risk much more.

Our basic plan from here is Florence and Pisa then some island hopping down from there to Sicily over the next two weeks. After that we need to make our way to the bottom right side of Italy to get the ferry to Croatia. We still need to do 10 days out of the Schengen zone so we’ll be heading from Dubrovnik down through Montenegro and Albania then hopefully hitting Greece on the 16th of February. This is when our last 90 days starts and we have zero restrictions on where we can go! Huzzah!


I will be catching up on our last 2 months of travel in the next few days hopefully. The wifi quality will depend on the photos but I will hopefully at least get it done!! If Archibald James allows…

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