Glüwein Pilgrimage

Our ferry back to Europe left from Harwich and we touched down on the 11 December in the Netherlands. Our main purpose for coming back was to get our boiler fixed, get winter tyres and just a general service. Wietze at Happy Campers is amazing and did all this while we camped in his driveway.

Hanging out in Wietze’s caravan

With Beryl good as new again we headed to Germany to begin our Christmas Market Pilgrimage down the Romantic Road. Our starting point was Cologne and we stayed in a carpark recommended by Wietze. It was only €10 per night with electric hook up.


It was right on the river and we were able to pack the boys into the trailer and hike it into old town. Cologne’s markets are AMAZING and there are 9 different ones all within walking distance.

No more Gluwein for you!

Sadly, the next morning we got the phone call that Jeremy’s Poppa had passed away. While we knew it was a possibility it still came as a shock. It was the first real instance that we realized how painful it is to be away from family in times like this. The plan was always that Jeremy would go home for a week if this happened. After a discussion with Jeremy’s parents, on their urging he agreed to stay here with us. We stayed off social media for a few days out of respect and as our own way of grieving. He was such a lovely man and I am so glad our boys knew their great-grandfather.

Poppa Jim, Blackie, Angus, Great Poppa, Jeremy, and Archie: Four Generations

We headed to Wurzberg next and found a motorhome carpark that charged €3 per night. As you have probably guessed Germany is the best place to motorhome! We were right on the river again and able to walk into old town.

We found a baby Beryl!!!

Rothernberg was our final Christmas Market stop. This was definitely my favourite and a place I would love to visit again. We parked just outside the castle walls for €10 per night and it even had toilets! Luxury. Rothernberg Castle is still set up with canons in the walls and you are able to walk through and see how it was a defensive structure back in the day.

We took the boys out for a typical German dinner of pork, cabbage, schnitzel and potato. Nom.

Heaven on a plate…. oh and in a cup!

Angus was feral as usual but it was Archie that stole the show as he managed to pull down a whole tray of cutlery on to the tiled floor. I have always wondered what the loudest noise in the world is. I don’t need to wonder anymore. And the quietest noise in the world was the dead-silenced restaurant who gaped at us. Fortunately our waitress was Scottish and fell in love with the boys due to their names, which she picked up on from Jeremy and myself screeching at them. Family outing fun.

We spent two nights in Augsburg recuperating, washing clothes, having showers etc. and then headed to Fussen as our last stop on the Romantic Road. We had had a rough few days with me getting migraines and Angus’ behavior deteriorating so we decided to stay in a nice caravan park for 4 nights.

Camp Hopfansee was better than expected. And covered in SNOW!

It had an indoor pool plus kids pool, indoor play areas for babies and toddlers, and an area for bigger kids, indoor gymnasium for lots of games of ‘Daddy Wins’, and a health spa for massages.

This is a game I call “Daddy Wins!”

It also had a restaurant with more Gluwein. Thank Christ!

We decided to have a nice night out at the restaurant (like seriously you think we would learn….) but Angus thought it would be hilarious to loudly pass wind at the table. With fails from both Jeremy and myself to qualm him his final attempt ended with him loudly and very obviously following through ? Jeremy threw him over his shoulder and stormed out. I stayed and finished my Gluwein mentally debating how long it was appropriate to use my 8 month old as a drinking buddy. After about 20 mins Archie’s eyes started to glaze over so we braced ourselves for impact and nervously approached Beryl. No shouting or crying…. good sign. We were greeted by a sheepish looking 3 year old and the most wonderful father in the world. Sorted.

HALLO! I’m a feral head!

Fussen is also where Cinderella’s castle is, Neuschwanstein Castle. We popped the boys on our backs and hiked the 2 km’s up and back.

It was sad to leave Germany as everything was so easy for motorhoming and very low stress. But our next stop was Christmas in Salzburg with my cousin Bridget! Austria here we come! Toot!


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  1. Julie says: Reply

    Hi Vic, it’s been a while since I have read your blog and am happy to see your adventures to be as entertaining as always. I am so impressed that you have done this despite all the challenges but what an adventure!!
    We would kill for just a little taste of the cooler weather that you have had over here. We have had one of the hottest weeks I remember this week with it topping out at 42 at our place !!
    Looking forward to the next post and I’ll look in a little sooner.
    Take care
    Love Julie

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