Christmas and New Year

For Christmas we booked an Airbnb in Salzburg for 4 nights, expecting a lovely white Christmas. Fail.

It was cold. But zero snow.

Christmas morning!
So much room for activities!!!
Drinking our champagne from Great Auntie Barb and Great Uncle John!

My cousin Bridget stayed with us and was a great help with the boys and food.

Santa brought NEW HATS!

Speaking of food we didn’t realise that all the shops close in Austria at 1pm on Christmas Eve….. We were able to get meat and veggies from the markets and sent Jeremy off to find the rest from where he could…. which ended up being the service station… other than that we had random things in Beryl….

Gidge and I were on Operation Christmas Tree and couldn’t find anything decent or under €50… So we got this!

Our €10 Christmas stick!

Christmas is hard when there aren’t any adults around to sort it out!!!

We got there in the end. Lunch was meat, veggies, gravy, wine, and dessert.

Jeremy was devo he couldn’t find Chrismas pudding and came home with this ‘strange’ dessert. MY CHILDHOOD FAVOURITE!!! Random.

What more could you want ? Oh an oven that you know how to use…. that helps to….
Jeremy and Gidge went tag team on the oven and it almost resulted first in uncooked food, then almost burnt food. In the end it was perfect. Angus even behaved himself.

I was being VERY helpful giving pointers.

Our stop between Christmas and New Year was at a campsite in Zell am See. It was in a valley with snowfields surrounding it, so at night the chair lifts were lit up illuminating the pure white snow. The campsite was packed full with people heading up the mountains each day but we just relaxed in the warmth with the boys building ginormous lego!

Jeremy having a Jesus moment!

We also experienced our very first frozen lake! It even had ice-skaters on it!!

After that we headed through Austria towards the border of Switzerland. The campsite that night wins the award for the most expensive! It was completely full as well so we were put in the carpark and they rolled out an extension cord for us to plug in to…. they then charged us €68 for the pleasure. BUT it did have an amazing indoor/outdoor heated pool complete with fireplace next to it so it was a nice evening.

There were no segregation between male and female toilets/showers/changing rooms which was interesting so it was a bit of a free-for-all with everyone nuding up and children running around. However, if I had to spend all day everyday for months on end in snowgear I would probably strip off at any given opportunity as well!

New Year

We booked an Airbnb in Grindelwald for 4 nights so we could have a wild New Years Eve that all parents with small children have…

We went up to Männlichen on the cable car one day and the next took the train all the way up to the top of Jungfrau! Angus loved the whole day particularly the ice caves.

We still didn’t have any luck with snow (except on the mountains) so we decided to try a couple more days and then head off. Being minus 12 deg and no snow was not much fun. Switzerland was proving to be very expensive as well and being that it is illegal to wild camp it was eating into our budget. There were also minimal campsites open too so we were doing extra km’s just to get to somewhere we could sleep. We had a quick overnighter underneath the Matterhorn and then headed south for Italy. We got to go on shuttle trains through the mountains which was fun for both boys! The second one that connects Switzerland and Italy only runs once or twice a day and when we got there in the morning it wasn’t going for another 2 hours! So we checked the GPS and found an alternate route over the mountains which only added 40mins and decided to forgo the train to just drive. Thinking ourselves brilliant and resourceful we trundled off to make our own way. After 45 mins of driving we hit the mountain road and some very large signs which in Swiss portably translated to ‘Don’t even think about it mate’. The entire road was covered in sleet and snow. And some goose necking skiers giving us some puzzled looks. Ignorant Aussies strike again. We backed Beryl up and had to leg it back to the shuttle. Jeremy wanted to stop and get bread for lunch but I was worried we would miss the train so vetoed him and decided it was worth copping flack later if we got there in plenty of time. But we didn’t. We got there right on the cutoff and had an anxious few minutes wait since the shuttle was very obviously chockablock! Luckily the lady in the booth remembered we had already tried to book tickets that morning so they backed some cars off and squeezed us on. Phew. And we had stale-ish bread on our sandwiches but no one complained ?

We hit the sunshine of Italy with full bellies and high spirits and decided to head for Lake Como and visit our friend George Clooney!


Ps. We met friends in Greece and I got edumacated on Gallery photos!! What do you think??

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