Clooney hunting and carb loading

Lake Como was a beautiful surprise and a lot bigger than I expected! We spent one night in a camperstop but found it too far from the action and difficult to see with the boys. We have put that on our “come back without kids and do it probably with romance” list. In Italy they call motorhome parking with services an Aree De Sosta so we found a website full on them and made our way across the top towards Venice. A highlight was Sirmoine on Lake Garda which was a walled castle with an old town inside. It was completely unexpected which is always the best!

We arrived at the carpark which was huge and full of cars with a motorhome section up the back. At the boom gates though there was a sign saying “Motorhomes full”. Gutted. We turned around and tried to find an open campsite nearby but it was closed. Fortunately Jeremy is not one to take no for an answer. We headed back to the carpark and he sent me in to investigate. There were 3 or 4 empty spots so we decided to take initiative and ignore the sign. Rebels ??

Our goal after Sirmoine was to get to Venice to put Beryl into storage. We had a week booked in Prague to catch up with family so decided to save on km’s and fly there. With the drama of dropping off Beryl, getting to the airport, checking in, waiting, getting on the plane blah blah we are VERY glad we decided to do this trip by motorhome and not public transport. It took forever!

Travel with kids they said….! and no. That is not our bag.


Much to our delight we touched down in Prague on a complete blanket of snow.

Prague from the air

We headed for our Airbnb to check in. I didn’t realise it at the time but that was the last time I would be outside for 5 days! But luckily our apartment was gorgeous so we didn’t mind.

The next morning both boys woke up with a head cold and vomiting bug that lasted the whole week. Jeremy went on food runs but other than that it was holding sick kids and cleaning up vomit, while catching up on all the Trump news on CNN. My Aunt and Uncle arrived with my two cousins on the Monday so we had more hands for cleaning and more legs for coffee runs which made our week much easier! They even brought presents from Nanna which Angus was thrilled with.

Jeremy and I even snuck out one night for dinner BY OURSELVES!! Luxury!! He did throw a snowball at my head though and ruined any chance of action later on (it was that of course, not the 2 vomiting minions in our bed).

My Aunt and Uncle have pizza night every Thursday night so we kept with tradition. Unfortunately Archie decided to projectile vomit over said pizza so I don’t think pizza night went down as it normally does…. Classy.

Look at all the hands! So many hands!!

Leaving Prague was a bit of a drama with me coming down with awful abdominal pain, thinking I had caught the vomiting bug, and our flight being delayed by 9 hours. We found the baby room though and had it to ourselves so bunkered down.

Camping in the airport

We were due to arrive in Venice at 4pm to meet our next Airbnb host, however we got in after midnight. The long airport wait plus flight was uneventful and then 10 mins away from getting off the water ferry Archie projectile vomited over me, the seat, the ferry etc.

On the boat taxi…. Archie ready to vomit in 3…2….1…

Everyone on the ferry had been with us at Prague airport and on the flight though so everyone immediately jumped up and helped us out. And one tourist even gave me his portable phone charger to boost my phone that died, even though he didn’t have much power left. It was really touching that everyone was so tired and fed up but all still willing to help a stranger. Or they just felt REALLY sorry for us for having to do it all with 2 children…..!


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