Isle of Skye, the Wallace Monument, and all the rest…

Isle of Skye was our next stop and we were very excited. We had heard wonderful things about it and it was on our Must Do list.

Kilt Rock- Isle of Skye

Unfortunately everyone we have spoken to must have visited the Isle of Skye in summer… or at least not winter because nothing at all was open! Not one single campsite…!! Our initial plan of spending a few days making our way around it slowly was very much altered. We knew of one wild camping spot up the top at Neist Point, which was three quarters of our route along, so on the first day we had no choice but to head there. Very glad we did though considering our view!

It is just a car park on the edge of the road near the lighthouse. Angus was very impressed we were staying near the Paw Patrol lookout! It was bloody freezing though and blowing a gale so Jeremy took Angus down while I stayed with Archie and had hot chocolate in Beryl. Win win ??

There were three other campers there so we felt quite safe and we nestled in for the night.

The next day we drove the rest of the Isle and decided to head off to Fort William.

Well earned beer with Daddy on the Isle of Skye

After 3 nights of different wild camping spots we were in need of showers and a washing machine. As we pulled in we saw the campsite had cabins so we decided to have a break and spend the night inside. It was heaven. And the boys loved it. Space to play on the floor and a gas fireplace! Angus destroyed the bathroom by spending an hour in the bath having fun.

The next morning we checked out the William Wallace Monument. The visitor center is down the bottom and there is a courtesy bus to take you up the top. Being how hard core we are we opted to walk to the top.

Only 250 something steps to go!

Regret doesn’t begin to explain my thoughts on that decision. Once you get to the top of the hill you then have to climb over 250 steps!!! All while baby wearing!!!! Angus complained the whole way up the hill that he couldn’t possibly walk any further because he is tired and oh so little and then miraculously recovered when he saw it was a spiral staircase. He went all the way up and down by himself! Which was nerve wracking but at least we didn’t have to lug him up there ourselves.

All of a sudden his legs work!
My little Jacobite
Finally at the top!

Our second last night in Scotland was spent with my Mum’s partners family in Crieff. Stuart is a history buff so we chewed his ear off about everything we had learnt regarding Scotland on our trip. Stuart’s wife Bracken and daughter Kairistiona were so welcoming and it was lovely to spend time feeling like family.

It was quite a downer leaving Scotland. We saw so much but couldn’t get enough of the people and history. But our trip must continue onwards!! Ireland bound!!


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