About Us

We are an average Australian family.

6 month photo shoot (133)


We are from Queensland and love the beach, the sun and all things summer! My husband Jeremy is a Public Servant, handyman extraordinaire, football fanatic and the world’s greatest father. I am a NICU nurse, student, trashy tv lover, and coffee addict.

We have a beautiful two year old son, Angus. Like most two year olds he’s a cyclonic ball of energy that loves being outside and is drawn to water. He adores other children and is obsessed with cars but his most favourite thing in the world is dogs. Any dog. Even the snarling, spitting agressive ones…


Everyday life is starting to feel like Groundhog Day…


and we want to find more depth and meaning. Working hard to maintain our home, lifestyle and careers is time consuming and all encompassing. We feel our children deserve more – more time, more focus, more intent.


Our plan involves travelling to Europe and the UK with 2 children in tow. If we play our cards right we may be able to do it for 6-10 months… We want to find a way to do it cheaply and efficiently with as little stress as possible.


By travelling together as a family and experiencing life from a different perspective we want to provide a richness and energy to our existence that the everyday grind is wearing away. We have a desire to see other cultures to enrich our view on life in general and to provide a greater depth in how we parent.


If you have ever felt like

running away from home…


this could be the place for you! We would love any input or advice with our idea 🙂

Hope to chat with you some more xxx