• Ireland
  • Ireland Part 2

    Dublin began with some freezing days and cold cold nights. Even through Norway and Scotland we didn’t have nights that cold. To make it worse the caravan parks toilet and shower block wasn’t heated! So it was like stepping onto ice when getting out of the shower. They also had a type of shower where […]

  • Scotland
  • Culloden Moor

    Our first morning in Inverness we visited Culloden Battlefield. A very sombre morning indeed. The visitor center was well set up with the Jacobite story going down the right walls and the English version on the left. There is also a room with a short reenactment of the actual battle. It was really quite emotional […]

  • Scotland
  • Fangirling over Jamie Fraser

    We really got into the history and romance of Scotland while there. It was hard not too. Everything is picture perfect and you can’t go far without some sort of engaging tale about the courage and determination of the Highlanders. To make Jeremy appreciate this even more I thought it best we watch the historically […]

  • England
  • Mullet appreciation at Alnwick

    In the 18 months we were planning for this trip I asked many people’s advice and opinions on what to see and not see. My beautiful Scottish friend Claire suggested Alnwick Castle (among others) and I’m very glad she did! I was under the impression it was just used in Harry Potter but as we […]